Liqui Moly Marine range now available from DanVolt ONLINE

Extended engine life due to high quality lubricants

In order to provide top quality oils, comprehensive trials and repeated strict controls are conducted continuously by LIQUI MOLY. This happens not only during the selection of the base oils and additive packages, but also during manufacturing. Along with the selection of the high-quality base materials that are necessary for mixing the motor oils, the chemists in the LIQUI MOLY laboratory require exemplary quality on the part of the suppliers. A non-negotiable “zero tolerance limit” is valid at LIQUI MOLY regarding deviation from specified and personal standards. Only by remaining true to principles which have been set high guarantees the production of select products, Made in Germany. 

The Marine Range was first launched at the Dusseldorf boat show in January 2016, then in February 2018 DanVolt were appointed as the UK & Eire distributors and we had our UK product launch at Southampton Boat show in September 2018.

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