SUNBEAMsystem Tough Plus Flush Solar panel


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SUNBEAMsystem Tough Plus represent the absolute latest solar technology to be found. Both in the incredible amount of power per surface unit and the longevity compared to other lightweight competitors. The unrivalled power output is safeguarded by our solar cell product partner, “Sunpower”. The cells inside a Tough+ panel have a stunning efficiency of 23.7% on average, resulting in a 13% higher output than ever previously available!

Tough+ features the same superior materials developed by SUNBEAMsystem for the original Tough series. Allowing a longevity never seen earlier for light and thin solar panels. The anti-slip surface is not only practical when fitted on a deck but is also better at catching light early and late in the day. The dirt repelling properties will keep up the power production by helping to keep the panel clean.

All the Tough+ models feature the new Flush 2.0mm cable and are designed for screw-less mounting. The new power cable is 30% flatter and has a 25% larger copper cross-section than its 1.6mm predecessor. All Tough+ models include a full size structural bonding tape, for quick mounting on a curved surface. For a slow curing alternative we recommend to use a white adhesive like Sikaflex 291 or Simson MSR CA. The result is a flush, low-rise surface, ideal for integrating the panels on any surface.

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